About the Seminar

PURPOSE: The Seminar on Historical Change and Social Theory (SHCST) is designed as a bi-weekly forum for the constructive criticism of work in progress by faculty and graduate students. Faculty and graduate students in history, the social sciences, and cultural studies are especially encouraged to participate. Our goal is to create an interdisciplinary community where people working on a variety of topics can receive fresh ideas, bibliographic references, and advice that will help them revise manuscripts that will later become journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, and the like.

PARTICIPATION: Participants in the seminar must commit to:

PAPER EXPECTATIONS: To ensure that SHCST participants can adequately read and respond to writing submitted to the seminar, it should conform to the following requirements:

SEMINAR FORMAT: At the seminar, the paper writer will be expected to make a brief (5 minute) comment about the paper. Since papers are pre-circulated, there is no formal presentation of the manuscript, but instead a short discussion of the basic context of the paper and the purposes in writing it. This will be followed by comments from a discussant (10 minutes). Afterwards, the discussion will be opened up to all members of the seminar. While we expect the comments to be diverse, especially given the seminar's interdisciplinary nature, commentators should try to tailor their comments and criticisms to the intentions of the author. Written comments shall also be welcomed.

MEETINGS: The SHCST generally meets every other Monday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in the Greenleaf conference room, Jones 100A. For specific dates, see the current schedule.

TO JOIN: Those interested in participating in the seminar should join the mailing list. For more information you contact any of the seminar organizers. SHCST members will receive the papers via the email listserv.

ORGANIZERS: Justin Wolfe (History, jwolfe@tulane.edu) and Michele White (Communicationmichele@tulane.edu).